1. So in love with this book cover. In other news, so many awesome writers featured in this issue of Granta. I’m definitely bias cause there’s Alejandro Zambra who is my new favourite author. Still very much disappointed I won’t be able to meet him and fangirl this November.

  2. I love this too much! XD #Repost from @oskar_the_blind_cat with @repostapp —- Say hello to #TheCatPack — Klaus Martin, Hammy Davis Jr., Grumpy Bishop, Nala Lawford, and Ol’ No Eyes himself, Oskar Sinatra (maybe it’s Oskinatra). Watch their #CatSummer video, the link is in our profile!


  3. Because I can’t sleep. And I love this scene from East of Eden. James Dean was golden, wasn’t he?

  4. #Repost from @ayangcempaka with @repostapp —- Crazy gorgeous! 😍 I love tulips! 🌷


  5. Feeling almost melancholic. Final season of True Blood. What would I do? Boo.

  6. #Repost from @dallasclayton with @repostapp —- You


  7. "I thought I saw you out there."

  8. So pretty! Please excuse Adam Levine’s hand and leg. XD