1. Goodnight Hong Kong.

  2. One reason why people have cats. XD

  3. 🌊 Amazing view all day today. I’ll never tire of you Great Ocean Road. 🐱❤️

  4. Lunch by the lighthouse. So happy I finally see a cat! XD Missing my cats terribly. (at Cape Otway Lighthouse)

  5. Sunset 😍 (at Phillip Island, Melbourne)

  6. Dave Eggers: Closing Night Address. T_T #mwf14 (at Deakin Edge, Federation Square)


  7. #MWF14 Day 3 #ootd 🐱✌️


  8. I was walking around the city, totally missed my turn but look what I found! :D (at The Book Grocer)

  9. Melbourne Street Art Walk. (at Hosier Lane)

  10. Awkward turtle meeting SALMAN RUSHDIE OMG (at Dallas Brooks Centre)