1. Can’t believe the app is finally up! Months of blood, sweat, tears and occasional heart attacks. XD Download the app today!

  2. Goodnight Hong Kong.

  3. One reason why people have cats. XD

  4. 🌊 Amazing view all day today. I’ll never tire of you Great Ocean Road. 🐱❤️

  5. Lunch by the lighthouse. So happy I finally see a cat! XD Missing my cats terribly. (at Cape Otway Lighthouse)

  6. Sunset 😍 (at Phillip Island, Melbourne)

  7. Dave Eggers: Closing Night Address. T_T #mwf14 (at Deakin Edge, Federation Square)


  8. #MWF14 Day 3 #ootd 🐱✌️


  9. I was walking around the city, totally missed my turn but look what I found! :D (at The Book Grocer)

  10. Melbourne Street Art Walk. (at Hosier Lane)